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Our highly creative interior designers to create masterpieces that are important and unique real personality and style of a client expression in flat Interior Design. iNEXTerior has been rapid and stable interior & exterior design choices.

iNEXTerior provide interior aesthetics services in offices and corporate houses .We are plan and execute by our professional trained architects to ensure that the office interior services to deliver best interior design service.

Our Interior designers are working day and night to creative designs for Showroom Interior Design in Bangladesh. We can ensure that the public would like to visit the Showroom again and again and never get bored!

A Buying house decoration is our popular category and our best service. In Bangladesh, we have served, Kick, shovels, mamanha, ital fashion and so many buying houses. We have defined the modern design of the interior decoration Buying house interior Design.

iNEXTerior runs multiple turnkey solutions for IT firm interior design signing of several commercial complexes. In addition, we have introduced modern tools and techniques again and carry out the work in an efficient and organized.

Great architecture designs doesn't just make you just a look, It will changes the way you feel. At iNEXTerior, we help our clients to capture that potential by designing buildings or apartments that seamlessly function and feeling in Bangladesh.

Who we are ?

We are a group of designers who work in line with the clients resources to achieve the clients design intent. The leader of the whole process is the Managing Partner of the company, Architect Cem Kapancioglu. iNEXTerior offers complete design & build solution and was established in the year 2010 as an interior design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our Profile

iNEXTerior comprises of designers who are specialized in architectural design, interior design in Dhaka & build services in Dhaka. We have a considerable amount of completed commercial spaces designed & built including but not limited to restaurants, offices, hotels and also few residential buildings. We also undertake the construction of the same if client needs a design & build approach.

Our Process

If all of the previous steps have been followed the build is the easy part and at iNEXTerior we will bring all the drawings and renders to life. We are fully in control from day one and use all our own project managers, site supervisors, construction specialists, mechanical and electrical engineers and others to create your new environment. Our project managers control the process and keep you fully.

Our Mission

iNExterior believes good design is produced from careful study and research, combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgment. Attention to detail, proportions and scale, together with common sense ensure the finished product fully develops the potential within the concept. iNExterior worked in Past and current projects include commercial, residential, hospitality, mixed-use and Interior projects.

Interior Design Consultancy

We can offer a complete service from the initial design brief to the handing over the building/space. CK Architecture: In our interior design Dubai team we have in house designers work with/for your organization from preliminary design by integrating your ideas and to meet your needs for a unique environment.

Programming and Space Planning

All the conceptual ideas has to be refined to a space programming chart or list based on the common practices, market conditions and the local building codes. This is a very critical part of the whole design that will decrease the number of the revisions and will add huge value to the end product.

Construction Documents

We are confident enough of what we will do through the concept and space programming. But to make it real we need a realistic, experience based and market driven construction drawings to implement the on site and get realistic budgets for the client. These are all the necessary drawings to make the concept design intent real.

Customised Joinery Work

We have multiple solution partners who work with us to provide any type of joinery based on the construction drawings we prepare. This is a part of our single point of responsibility approach in design & build.

MEP services

We believe that the MEP design needs to be lead by the architects (us) in a very detailed manner to avoid any unforeseen future revisions in the architecture & interior design of the spaces.
Therefore we also provide design & installation for any MEP design services including but not limited to HVAC, plumbing, electrical works, fire alarm and fire fighting.

Detailing & Finishing

We prefer to visualise and present the client all the details at the conceptual stage to avoid any miscommunications either by realistic visuals, benchmarks or proper text. The devil is in the details and we know that


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CK Architecture And Interiors LLC are continuously interested in talented individuals who want to progress their careers and make a difference to our business. We nurture innovative thought, and encourage our people to think out of the box to develop ideas in the interests of our clients and our business.

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